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What & How We Do it

Our services begin much before you really make a decision to buy your software and continue with training and after sales support.
We help you with:

• Needs analysis: What are your business needs? Why should you invest in accounting software?

• Fit assessment: Is particular software good fit for your needs?

• Hardware and Network environment assessment: Is your hardware and network system capable of handling the projected transaction volume? Is it scalable with the growth of business?

• Determining compatibility of the software with your other applications, for example: a sales order system.

• Integration and custom reporting: Each business has its unique reporting and analysis requirements not necessarily fulfilled by ”out-of-the-box” software. We work with you to develop custom reports and help you develop intelligent business analysis.

• Training: It is vital that your employees learn how to use the software to take maximum advantage. We offer on-site training programs customized to our customers’ needs.

• Support: We provide on-site support in addition to telephone support offered by Sage.

Our Model